ATWS-03 Workstation Table

ATWS-03 Workstation Table

 Product Information:

ATWS-03 Workstation Table

Created based on the idea of complete-solution for musicians or recording engineers

Increasing human creative when facing to this studio workstation

Cherry wood MDF shelves are deluxes and make people full of passion

Dual 6-space 19" standard racks can load 12U electronic equipments

Two monitor speaker shelves with height adjustable and angle adjustable to be the best sound

Suitable for home studio and professional use


Main shelf size:Width 175cm,Depth 61cm ,Height from floor 69.5cm-73.5cm-77cm

Top shelf size:Width 130cm,Depth 37.5cm,Height from floor 100cm

Pull-out shelf size:Width 77cm,Depth 36cm,Height from floor 60.5-64.5-68cm

Monitor speaker shelf size:Width 30cm,Depth 37.5cm,90-119cm