Mono M80 Guitar & Bass Case

Mono M80 Guitar & Bass Case

 Outside Features 

  1. Hybrid case design with ABS head and body impact panels 
  2. Waterproof Sharkskin™ shell with industrial rubber sole and piping (PVC-free) 
  3. Clip/Tuck strap system w/ chest harness for on-the-fly 1 or 2 shoulder carrying 
  4. Specialized upper and lower gear pockets with built-in cable management 
  5. Steel rivet reinforced handle and shoulder straps 
  6. Animal free 

Inside Features 

  1. Integral Neckbrace™ design suspends headstock and tuners 
  2. Clear window pick pocket 
  3. Corner bumpers protect guitar body and strap pin against vertical drops 
  4. 420-denier nylon string guards prevent snags and punctures 
  5. Extra soft polishing liner maintains glossy finishes 


  1. Fits standard electric bass guitars including Fender, Ibanez, Warwick, Tobias and Yamaha. 

Product Information: