Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos

Synthogy Ivory Grand  Pianos
  1. Ivory is the groundbreaking Grand Piano Virtual Instrument featuring 40 Gigabytes of stunning, new samples of Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290 and Yamaha C7 Grand Pianos.
  2. Multi-platform plug-in that recreates the sound and playing experience of 3 of the world's great concert grand pianos: the Bsendorfer Imperial 290 Concert Grand, the Steinway D Concert Grand, and the Yamaha C7 Grand. Recorded in the finest concert halls and studios with state of the art equipment, each piano is sampled with extreme attention to detail
  3. Ivory's DSP engine includes world class digital effects such as Ambience, EQ and Chorusing. A host of custom controls such as Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Mechanical Key Noise, Timbre Control, Stretch etc