Drum Accessories

Meinl MSTBB Bongo Bag

Product information: Size - Bongos up to 7 1/2” Macho & 8 1/2” Hembra   Material - Heavy duty padded nylon   Padded shoulder strap   Carrying grip www.serenemusic.net    

Promark PKP X-Mute Complete Kit Package

Product information:  Made from a dense sponge rubber material. X-Mutes allow for sound control and silent practice. Perfect for apartments! X-Mute tom pads and cymbal pads are color coded in order to distinguish drums from cymbals. This is a perfect teaching/learning tool for new...

Sonor DTS 475 Double Tom Stand

Product information: https://www.sonor.com/pbas/Sonor_FE/sonor/english/detail.html?a-quicklink-n_katid=821&a-quicklink-n_artikelid=2355 www.serenemusic.net  

Sonor DT 470 Stool

Product information: https://www.sonor.com/pbas/Sonor_FE/sonor/english/kategorie.html?a-quicklink-n_katid=822 www.serenemusic.net  

Sonor SP 673 Single Pedal 600 series

Product information: https://www.sonor.com/pbas/Sonor_FE/sonor/english/kategorie.html?a-quicklink-n_katid=109 www.serenemusic.net  

Sonor DP 472 R Double Pedal, Right version

Product information: https://www.sonor.com/pbas/Sonor_FE/sonor/english/detail.html?a-quicklink-n_katid=109&a-quicklink-n_artikelid=4568 www.serenemusic.net  

Sonor DT 270 Drummer's Throne

Product information: The basic Sonor hardware series, offering good handling and a professional appearance. The standard with lots of grip for added playing confidence.   Features: Drummer's Throne, round seat, with spindle and Drum Key Holder   www.serenemusic.net  

Audio Technica DrumPack MB/DK4&MB/DK6

Product Information: https://www.audio-technica.com.sg/product.php?prodid=38 www.serenemusic.net  

Alesis DM5 Cymbal & Drum Pad

DM5ProCP Cymbal Pad                    RM256 DM5ProDP Drum Pad  ...

Wharfedale Pro KMD-7 Drum Microphone (7 pc set)

Product Information: https://www.wharfedalepro.com/Home/Products/MICROPHONES/KMSERIES/KMD7/tabid/351/Default.aspx www.serenemusic.net  

Mono M80 Stick Bag

Product Information: https://www.monocase.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=6 www.serenemusic.net    

Mono M80 Cymbal Case

Product Information: https://www.rocketmusic.net/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=2714 www.serenemusic.net