Ashton 1/2 Violin AV122

  AV122 Size: 52cm x 18.5cm  Suitable for 7-9 year olds   www.serenemusic,net    

Ashton 1/4 Violin AV142

  AV142 Size: 47cm x 16.5cm  Suitable for 5-7 year olds  

Ashton 3/4 Violin AV342

AV342 Size: 57cm x 20cm  Suitable for 9-12 year olds  

Ashton 4/4 Violin AV442

 AV442 Ashton’s range of violins are bright and vibrant sounding and come in a variety of sizes to cater for all players. These superb looking violins are crafted from Maple and feature dark Ebonised fingerboards, and Flame Maple finished bodies. Complete with chin and shoulder rests,...