Korg Beatlab Digital Metronome

Korg Beatlab Digital Metronome
  1. Training function with 39 basic rhythm patterns ("rudiments"), ideal for practicing
  2. Sound and LED indicators let you practice the timing of your right and left-hand strikes
  3. Drum metronome supports triplets and complex rhythms such as five to nine notes per beat
  4. Program mode alllows you create and memorize twenty-four different settings of tempos, beats, and rhythm sound volume
  5. Chain mode lets you memorize eight chains, each one containing up to sixteen programmed patterns
  6. Tap Tempo function lets you set the tempo by tapping a button
  7. Headphone jack and adjustable volume controls
  8. Operation and settings are made easy by the basic layout of sliders and keys
  9. Backlight display for clear visibility
  10. Battery operation (four AAA alkaline batteries) or AC adapter