Korg DTR1000/DTR2000 Rack Mount Tuner

Korg DTR1000/DTR2000 Rack Mount Tuner
Korg DTR1000 Rack Mount Tuner
  1. Chromatic tuner that automatically detects the note name and accurate pitch
  2. Footswitchable/push-button Mute function (so you can tune in silence)
  3. Front and rear panel inputs
  4. Auto and manual calibration (so you can tune down)
  5. 7-semitone flat tuning support
  6. 2 types of display: cents or strobe

Korg DTR2000 Rack Mount Tuner 

  1. Chromatic Mode detects note name automatically
  2. Three types of display: "cents", "hertz", and "strobe"
  3. Seven-semitone flat tuning mode
  4. Sound Out mode allows tuning in the range of C2-C5
  5. Input and Output jacks
  6. Adjustable Calibration of 438-445 Hz
  7. Built in microphone supports acoustic guitar tuning
  8. Illumination function lights up rack mounted equipment below
  9. Dimensions: 18.94"(W) x 4.45"(D) x 1.81"(H)
  10. Weight: 3.09 lbs